If you live in Chicago and own a dog, you probably wonder how to keep your pup happy and healthy in a big crowded city, especially if you live in an apartment without much outdoor space. Dogs need exercise, not just walks, but playtime too, and Chicago delivers with its extensive park system. Many parks here come with designated areas for dogs, but which dog parks in Chicago are the best? Well, that depends on your pet’s size, energy level, and interests, but some parks stand out from the rest in terms of fun and safety for mankind’s best friend.

To help you with your search for the best dog parks in Chicago, we rounded up some of our favorites. Whether you’re looking for fenced-off areas for smaller dogs, or open spaces for larger dogs, every pup parent can find the park of their furry friend’s dreams.

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Chicago Bark Parks Dogs Will Love

Grant Bark Park

Neighborhood: South Loop

Address: 951 S Columbus Drive, Chicago, IL 60601

Grant Bark Park sits on a plot of over 18,000 sq. ft. in Chicago’s famed Grant Park. You can bring your pup here to run around and socialize with other neighborhood pup friends.

Located in the bustling downtown area, near many tourist attractions, visitors remark on this park’s cleanliness and access to water. The surface is asphalt and gravel, and some trees line the outside edge. Even though tourists flock to this neighborhood, the bark park itself remains somewhat hidden and mostly locals use it. This double-gated, fenced-in spot gives your dog space to run around in safety, while you relax on benches made for humans. 

Montrose Dog Park

Neighborhood: Uptown 

Address: 4697 W Lawrence Ave., Chicago, IL 60640

What dog doesn’t love a beach day? For a day in the sand and water during those hot summer months, bring your four-legged friend to Montrose Beach. The dog park here, maintained by volunteers for the MonDog organization, provides year-round, off-leash access to dogs with a DFA tag, which you can get at a local veterinarian. While gated on 3 sides (the lake makes up the 4th side), some dogs can escape if not carefully supervised. So, let your dog loose for some fun in the sun, but always practice safety. Keep in mind that a red flag means no swimming because of dangerous conditions. Also, always clean up after your dog so that the volunteers don’t need to work any harder than necessary.

Logan Square Dog Park in Park No. 556

Neighborhood:  Logan Square

Address: 2526 N Western Ave., Chicago, IL 60647

At this artsy dog park full of pet-friendly murals, your pet can enjoy the scenery and the space to play. With kiddie pools to jump in and fenced-in space to roam, your dog will love it here. They offer separate spaces for small and large dogs, and they do require a DFA tag. Parking is easy here, but the asphalt surface can get hot, so take advantage of those pools on hot days, especially since they won’t get muddy or full of sand like they would at the beach. Plus, the art gives it a more welcoming and friendly vibe, making this place one of the best dog parks in Chicago.

Wiggly Field Dog Park

Neighborhood: Lincoln Park

Address: 2645 N. Sheffield Avenue (at Schubert Avenue)

Even better than Wrigley Field, you can watch adorable athletic dogs of all sizes play ball at Wiggly Field Dog Park, located in Noethling Park. With 2 gated entrances and a dog fountain, your dog will stay safe and satiated while making friends. Small dogs might want to stick to the neighboring South Paw space, designated just for them, but can play with their larger friends at their own risk. Plus, the agility equipment will keep your pup in tip top shape, so don that Cubs gear and get out on the doggy field for another inning of play.

With so many fun bark parks to choose from, you’ll find one that fits your pup’s personality. Whether it’s a big, off-leash park with plenty of room to run around, or a small one for dogs who need extra attention and a quiet space to play, there is something for everyone.

For more parks with dog-friendly areas, check out the Chicago Park District’s guidelines and dog park list.

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