The perfect Chicago apartment rental should entice you into your next all-night Netflix binge, but also offer the convenience of nearby eateries, public transportation, and options for nightlife. When renting in Chicago, keep these 5 location-specific considerations in mind.

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Public Transportation

In the winter, walking 20 minutes will feel like 40, even after your entire body goes numb. When you plan to rent a place in Chicago, look at the public transportation options around your next apartment so that you can work and play without the cold, harsh commute.

Winter in Chicago is a little like that weird mole on your back — sometimes it’s just easier to pretend it doesn’t exist. But, however much it bums you out to think about it, Chicago pros prioritize their winter needs. Gaining easy access to public transportation is key to avoiding the exorbitant amount of money you’d otherwise spend on an Uber, or the nearly frostbitten nose you’ll end up with if you choose to bear the cold.

Meals & Deals

The cost of living in Chicago leans toward the pricier end of the spectrum, so we love a good deal on food and drinks when we go out. Make a list of your favorite restaurants and bars in Chicago and take note of their happy hours so that you have someplace to go every night of the week.

To find the best nightly gathering spots with great specials in your neighborhood, check out Small Tabs and go out on the town twice as often.

Divvy Bike Locations

Even though Chicago has been under construction since 1837, the recent road improvements make Chicago one of the more bike-friendly cities around.

The Divvy bike-sharing system provides a convenient way to take advantage of the city’s bikeable streets. With a membership, you can ride as often as you’d like and never worry about locking up or maintenance. There are tons of Divvy stations around Chicago, so check out the map and see where your closest docking station lives.

Delivery Zones

Sometimes — whether it’s chilled-to-the-bones cold outside, or you’re not in the mood to put on pants — you want your favorite burger delivered right to your door.

When picking your new pad, find out whether your favorite Thai spot delivers to the neighborhood you plan to live in. Before you take the big plunge and sign that lease, plug in your potential apartment address in Grubhub to ensure the pizza of your choice lands on your plate.

Chicago Summer Activities

Just as winter transforms the city, so does summer. A neighborhood that appears quiet in January might explode into a bustling and loud party destination during peak season. Wrigleyville serves as an obvious example of this phenomenon, not exactly a sleepy area at any time with its high concentration of bars, but certainly far more low key before baseball season hits.

Likewise, Lincoln Park tends to be on the quieter side during the year, but come summer, fireworks, air and water shows, and weekly farmers’ markets take over. Depending on your preference, scope out your potential neighborhood at different times of the year and find your right fit for renting in Chicago.

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