Want to know what restaurant makes the best dim sum in Chicago? Chicago is famous for its world-class dim sum. The traditional Chinese lunchtime meal, served as a selection of bite-sized dishes, has been revered by generations of city dwellers here. If you cannot picture a weekend without hours of dim sum, then Chicago will deliver.

Of course, Chicago adores the Chinatown experience, with plenty of traditional, crowd-pleasing options. But, if you want something different — say, you’re hoping to impress a date with an elegant setting or want a trendier, more casual place to go with a friend — you can find tons of options to suit all tastes and budgets. To top it all off, the best dim sum in Chicago comes in various styles and restaurant types. 


If the vast dim sum selection already encourages you to stay in Windy City, reach out to AptAmigo to find the perfect apartment! If you’re still thinking about it, here’s a selection of the best dim sum in Chicago, in Chinatown and beyond.

What Restaurants Make the Best Dim Sum in Chicago

MingHin Cuisine

Address: 2168 S. Archer Ave

Neighborhood: Chinatown

Cost: $$

What to Order: The question here is: what not to order? MingHin Cuisine easily serves the best dim sum in Chicago. The crowd-pleasing classic offers the full dim sum experience, from Siu-Mai and lotus leaves stuffed with rice to deep-fried pork dumplings and enticing dessert options, like sweet custard rolls. But our ultimate favorite has to be the baked BBQ pork bun — utterly irresistible.  

What Makes this Place Special: If you like a packed downtown dim sum classic, this is it: always buzzing, which makes pre-booking essential. What we really like, though, is that no matter how busy this place gets, the service is fast and friendly, with all dishes arriving hot. 

This is not an expensive restaurant — $30 per person is plenty to get you fed, so it’s a great place to come with a large family. 

Imperial Restaurant

Address: 2100 S Archer Ave

Neighborhood: Chinatown

Cost: $$

What to Order: While Imperial Restaurant caters to all tastes, offering plenty of meat and vegetarian options, for us, this is the ultimate seafood dim sum destination. The shrimp dumplings and Bao buns with fresh crab meat are must-tries. The corn and shrimp dumplings also taste yummy if you want something a little more filling. After eating your fill, finish with one of the fruit-themed desserts — the lychee and goji berry dessert is our all-time favorite.  

What Makes this Place Special: If you want to know what restaurant makes the best dim sum in Chicago, you won’t regret choosing this place. The Imperial Restaurant describes itself as “the best authentic dim sum in Chicago,” and we think they’re not far off from the truth. The banquet hall decor looks sumptuous, from the lush purple velvet chairs to the crystal chandeliers and atmospheric fish tanks. It provides the perfect setting for a special celebration or Sunday treat for the whole family. Despite the formal setting, though, it won’t break the bank.

Shanghai Terrace

Address: 108 E Superior St

Neighborhood: River North

Cost: $$$

What to Order: Shanghai Terrace offers a delectable menu of dim sum specialties unlike anything else you’ll try in Chicago. Go to this place when you want to try something new and surprising. How about a foie gras and shrimp dumpling? Or, a lobster and chicken dumpling with black truffle? East meets West in these refined versions of dim sum classics, and we’re here for the fusion. Desserts include a whole other treasure chest of delicacies, starting with the yuzu mousse. 

What Makes this Place Special: Shanghai Terrace is somewhere you’d take a new date you want to impress, or your nearest and dearest for an unforgettable evening in an exceptional setting. The polished 1930s’-style decor, the impeccable presentation of the dishes, and the outdoor space make this a destination dining hot spot, with excellent service to match. It’s not cheap by any stretch (a single dish will set you back $18-20), but for an occasional special outing, it’s definitely worth it. When visitors to the city ask us what restaurant makes the best dim sum, while also providing a spectacular setting, we always recommend Shanghai Terrace. 

Triple Crown Restaurant

Address: 2217 S Wentworth Ave

Neighborhood: Chinatown

Cost: $$-$$$

What to Order: An extensive, authentic menu means that, alongside crowd pleasers like shrimp dumplings, Triple Crown plates up some unusual dishes. We especially enjoy the fried minced chicken dumpling, the octopus dishes (not that many dim sum restaurants offer this option), and the vegetarian dishes, especially the stuffed green peppers and the stuffed eggplant. With almost 100 dim sum options on the menu, it would be a shame not to try something you haven’t tried before.  

What Makes this Place Special: Honestly, it’s all about the food here. The food tastes so good that we can, sometimes, overlook rushed service and a chaotic ambiance. It passes the “What restaurant makes the best dim sum in Chicago?” test, but occasionally falls victim to its own success. If you want a quieter experience at this restaurant, consider coming on a weekday, when it’s less crowded, and skip the (very busy) weekend lunches. They stay open until 9 pm on weekdays — we love it on a Tuesday night. 

D Cuisine

Address: 2723 N Clark St

Neighborhood: Lincoln Park

Cost: $$

What to Order: Don’t leave D Cuisine until you’ve tried their divine honey-glazed ribs. The sesame balls and roast pork buns will also satisfy your dim sum cravings. This is a Hong Kong restaurant, so expect sophisticated presentation and delicate, precisely calibrated flavors.  

What Makes this Place Special: If you want your favorite dim sum restaurant to fit the description of a trendy local hangout, this is the one. Located in Lincoln Park rather than Chinatown, its atmosphere is younger and more modern, a perfect spot for an after-work dinner with a friend. This restaurant’s casual and relaxed vibe alongside its friendly service differs from many of the more traditional and somewhat chaotic dim sum restaurants. What we love about this place is that it’s perfect for solo diners. You could even come here with a book! 

As a dim sum lover, you’ll be spoiled for choice when choosing the best dim sum in Chicago. From busy Chinatown classics to upscale, inventive takes on the dim sum experience, you’ll definitely enjoy months of exciting dining ahead. What restaurant makes the best dim sum in Chicago? Any one of these 5 places could answer this question, and even more places for you to explore await your discovery. 

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