Welcome to AptAmigo’s Spotlight Series, where we highlight some of the amazing people who make up our team. We’ll be chatting with people who work in a variety of roles, so check back often or view the entire series.  

Angie Navo, an Apartment Locator in our Denver market, comes to work every day with the genuine intention of making a positive impact on her teammates, her clients, and anyone she encounters. Her managers describe her as extremely coachable and recognize her incredible work ethic. Angie radiates such a strong passion and drive that everyone around her knows nothing can get in the way of her imminent success.

Angie loved real estate long before she made her way to AptAmigo, but found her best fit when she landed here: “I was an on-site leasing agent for a couple of the properties that AptAmigo works with. I was always coming in contact with AptAmigo’s locators, and I was so intrigued as to what their role was and how they worked.

They piqued my curiosity, and I started asking them questions when they would come in, like ‘How do you like your job?’ It finally came down to me realizing that apartment locating consists of all the parts of the job that I loved. It was a perfect fit. It felt like such a no-brainer for me.”

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“The people at AptAmigo were so amazing and genuine that it solidified my belief that AptAmigo was and still is the best place for me.”

That “no-brainer” decision became a fully-realized career as an Apartment Locator: “I love that every day is so different. I make the decision of ‘What am I going to put in today?,’ and then I get to see the fruits of that hard work. It’s always a different day, different person, different client, etc., and it’s very dynamic for that reason. It offers so much versatility, which I love. I adore the additional opportunity to connect with people every single day. I get to learn about my clients on a personal level and actually get to know them. The fact that one of the main parts of my job is to befriend my clients is just the cherry on top.”

Every time she comes to the office, Angie brings an infectious attitude and work ethic that rubs off on everyone else in the room. This enthusiasm stems from the fact that she, simply put, “Loves this place. I love working here. It’s been absolutely amazing, truly life changing. This company gives you the tools you need to create the life that you want. It allows you to be who you are and encourages you to reach your full potential.

You can take the positive qualities about yourself and use them on a daily basis; you can make an incredible career out of it. What better way is there than to wake up every day and know that you’re helping people find their home? I use my best skills to achieve successful results, create meaningful relationships with my clients and teammates, and make things happen!” Angie truly embodies every single one of AptAmigo’s core values and is an essential part of our team.

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