Want more control over your phone bill? You can save money on your cell phone with a prepaid plan. Prepaid Bill can tell you how.

Most people don’t think about their phone bill as an area they can tap into to save money. After all, you pay what carriers charge, and, at most, you might save a little by switching from one to another when they offer a sign-up special. But, what if we told you that you can pay less for your cell service?

Whether you need to budget for your first apartment, or reassess your current budget for ways to save money, you can reduce costs substantially if you know your options. Here’s how:

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Choose a Digital Phone Plan with Care

Pro Tip: Don’t Buy More Than You Need!

Although a common mistake, don’t purchase a cell phone and plan without knowing how much you will use your phone and whether your new service plan matches your planned usage. People tend to pay for way more data than they actually use. Not only does this decision cause you to pay high monthly bills, but also, at some point, you’ll need to shell out even more money for a new cell phone. 

The average American uses around 5GB of data a month, so if you choose the first tier plan with a new cell phone, you may not need to worry about exceeding your data limit. Plus, you can always upgrade to higher data tiers later if it becomes necessary. Sometimes it will make more sense to get a different carrier and switch over to their service, but you can often save money by simply changing to a free option or signing up for a new service tier.

Use Wi-Fi Often

To avoid wasting limited data, use Wi-Fi as much as possible. Much of your online activity can be done faster over a wi-fi connection anyways. So, why waste cellular data when you have wi-fi available?

Limit Your Minutes and Texts

If you sign up for an average tier, you may not need unlimited minutes or texts, especially if you don’t talk on the phone much, or you prefer texting over talking. Limiting your use of minutes and texts can help you save money, even if you don’t use much data overall. For example, if you only talk on the phone a few times a week and text most of the time, then getting a plan with 500 minutes and unlimited texts would benefit you in the long term.

Switch to Prepaid

On a prepaid plan, you only pay for what you use, not for a bloated service package. With this option, you can change to a different prepaid carrier whenever you want and even transfer your phone to them, which will save you money in the long run. In addition, there are always deals and promotions to take advantage of online. Moreover, if you select a carrier with a device subsidy plan, you can trade up to a new phone anytime without paying full price.

Reaching your Budgeting Goals

When you cut costs with your phone bill and carefully budget out your money, you can, in fact, reach your overall budget goals easier. If you want to get an apartment and branch out on your own, learn more about How to Budget for an Apartment after College. Combining a prepaid phone plan with other cost cutting measures will improve your financial health and help you manage your long-term savings plans.

The bottom line for saving money on your monthly bill is to shop around for a plan that fits your needs and go prepaid if you can. 

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