Welcome to AptAmigo’s Spotlight Series, where we highlight some of the amazing people who make up our team. We’ll be chatting with people who work in a variety of roles, so check back often or view the entire series.  

As an Account Manager, Lauren Lesser exemplifies energetic productivity and dependability. She is a firecracker who brings so much life and laughter to our office! Lauren expertly initiates and builds relationships with apartment complexes in every market, an essential component of our continued expansion into multiple cities, such as Nashville and Austin. Her perseverance, paired with her incredible ability to take charge and negotiate, makes her a force to be reckoned with and a role model to be inspired by. 

Lauren’s beginnings at AptAmigo were straightforward – she was referred to us: “I was referred to AptAmigo by a coworker at my other job. She went up to me and said, ‘You seem really unhappy here. I work full-time now at AptAmigo, and I think you would really enjoy it here.’ I couldn’t believe how right she was; this is the happiest I have ever been in a job. I have been given so many opportunities to grow, and that is what truly attracted me to this company.”

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One of the coveted opportunities for growth that she mentions includes a promotion from Operations Coordinator to Account Manager. Lauren has thoroughly enjoyed this latest promotion.

She explains, “I enjoy the fact that I get to fit every moving piece into the puzzle. So many things come to my desk as a mess, and I take that mess and make it into a perfect little package to present to the sales reps and the clients. Additionally, when I talk with buildings, I like to think I have a way with words when it comes to building relationships and partnerships with them. I want to understand the root of any problem that comes up, and I simply let people tell me about it. People want to be heard and seen, and once I’m able to empathize with them, we can work together and solve the problem. Since I do this on a large scale with all of the buildings we work with, I’m able to reach back out to them when we’re looking to expand into another market and use that relationship to grow in the next city. Essentially, we bring high-quality clients to rent in their buildings, and they work with us to help us continue to expand into even more markets. It’s a win-win situation!”

While Lauren loves the opportunities she’s been given throughout her time here, she stays with us for plenty of other reasons: “I have stayed at AptAmigo because I feel so supported by my coworkers and by management. I’ve never been somewhere that’s given me the freedom to really be who I am as a person and accept it. This company helps me grow, and my managers always give constructive feedback that I can actually make improvements with. It sounds cliché, but I love everyone I work with, and what we’re doing here is so innovative and actually helps people!”

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