We interviewed Bailey from Bailey Katherine Interiors on everything home-related, from what to splurge on to favorite decorating tips. Bailey helps “young professionals transform their spaces, create flow, and develop the ultimate sanctuary.” She is based in Denver, CO and focused heavily on conscious design (including lots of plants)!

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1. If you only had to buy one thing to spruce up a room, what would it be?

“A new rug! They make such an impact and really ground and cozy up a space.”

2. What’s one item you love talking about/that other people always talk about in your house?

“My organization systems. And how everything is labeled.” 

3. What’s one item you will always(or did) splurge on?

“Rugs! Always.” 

4. One item you will never splurge on?

“Decor. There is always some amazing small decor pieces either vintage or at inexpensive stores. No need to overspend!”

5. Your worst apartment/home story?

“Well, there was definitely mice in the walls of my first apartment!”

6. Favorite place to get apartment inspiration/window shop?

“Pinterest, always. But also fashion magazines and Instagram. Just being open to the inspiration of your surroundings! Often times the colors in scenes around us (nature, city) have the most beautiful palettes to borrow from!” 

7. Favorite place to find a bargain?

“Thrift Stores! You not only are finding incredibly unique pieces, but also it truly is the most sustainable way to shop!”

8. A must-have or must-do for hosting?

“Wine and cheese boards are such a go-to! Also, I love having some kind of outdoor seating space where we can all enjoy the fresh air and mountain views!”

9. Favorite snack/item/activity for when you host company?

“Good conversation is always the highlight of bringing good friends together!”

10. Design or decorating tips?

“When you think you’ve added enough plants, add a few more. And bring in furniture/items that are beautiful and reflect you, your interests, and your personality. It’s amazing how by slowing down, being conscious in your choices, and finding the symbolism in everyday things brings so much more of a beautiful energy to the things that surround us. For example, I love to surround myself with a lot of wood and natural materials. The reason for this is because we are constantly surrounded by so much technology, for me it feels really good and soul-nurturing to be around the most natural of materials (plants, real wood, wicker, etc.). Just ask the questions and be thoughtful when decorating.” 

11. What is the vibe of your apartment or house?

“Eclectic Vintage with a bohemian twist”

12. How have you Konmari’d your house?

“Everything is folded accordingly. And sorted by item. It really is straightforward once you get the hang of it – everything has a home within your home. I also love having the clear acrylic bins for everything in my fridge/pantry!” 

13. What was a small transformation that you did to your apartment/house that ended up making a big difference?

“Hanging large art on the walls – even if it’s just a DIY canvas that you did, large art makes an impact.” 

Hope this blog post gave you a ton of ideas about refreshing your apartment space! You can visit Bailey’s website to see more of her design work and get in contact with her! As always, AptAmigo is here for you during your apartment hunt. Just reach out to us and let us know what you’re looking for in an apartment and we will set everything up—stress-free! We’ll also provide transportation to each building during the tour day and personally join you on each so you have someone with you on such an important day!

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