With Thanksgiving coming up, Black Friday is creeping around the corner which means BIG savings for you. We’ve researched the best deals on apartment necessities going on this year, and outlined them below so you can spend more time with your family and less time deal hunting.

If you’re still looking for an apartment so you can purchase goods for it, reach out to us at AptAmigo and we will lead you to the perfect home for you. Don’t forget to view our touring checklist for finding the perfect apartment and once you’ve found the oneโ€”we have a moving checklist to help with the transition between places.

Smart Speakers

Who doesn’t want a virtual assistant right at the sound of your voice? Life is incredibly convenient in this day and age, and smart speakers are here to prove it. You can even set up your smart speaker with your lights and blinds so that they operate at the sound of your voice.

Amazon Echo

Alexa has been filling homes since it’s release in 2014, and has gained a large following because of it’s amazing features. Luckily for us, the Amazon Echo Dot with Alexa is on sale this Black Friday with $15 off retail price!

Google Home

This popular smart speaker is on sale this Black Friday for $20 off the regular version! If you’re wanting something a little bit more compact, the Google Home Mini is also on sale for $24 off making it only $25 total!


A TV is a perfect finishing touch for your apartment. It’s a great way to watch netflix and unwind after a long day of work or play music through when you’re hosting a party. We scoured the internet for the best TV deal so you can spend more time with your family this Thanksgiving.


This Black Friday, there are some hot deals on Samsung TV’s. You can save up to $700 dollars on select screens. Our favorite deals are the 75″ Q60 LED Smart TV and the 75″ Q70 LED Smart TV. The pricing on these TVs are a steal!

Coffee Machine

One of the most important parts of waking up is ensuring you have a cup of coffee brewing to wake you up for the big day ahead. Having convenient access to making coffee is a game-changer, and this Black Friday it’s easier than ever to afford a coffee machine so you don’t have to roll out of bed 15 minutes early to stand in a Starbucks line before work.

Keurig K50 Single Serve Coffee Maker

This is one of the most convenient ways of making coffeeโ€”just pop in one of the multitude of flavors of K-cups and click the button to start brewing. It’s a great way to save on money and time in the mornings, and it’s on sale for Black Friday! This coffee maker is now $60 off for a limited time.

Vacuum/Floor Care

Floor care and cleanliness is very important in your living space, so a vacuum cleaner is necessary for your apartment. Whether you have a dog that sheds everywhere or want to get rid of those little crumbs that sneak up on you, you need something to clean it up with. We found the best Black Friday deals on floor cleaners, so you can save some money for the holidays.


The easiest way to clean up your floors: Roomba’s! These rechargeable battery-powered devices are uber convenient. The Roomba travels around your living space to clean up any surface and works even without you being there! There are multiple roomba models on sale this Black Friday so whatever your price-point is, you’ll be sure to find a model that works for you. The Roomba 960 Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum is $200 off and will send you a notification when the area it’s cleaning is sparkling!

Pressure Cooker

Cooking at home is a delicious and affordable alternative to dining out. It’s also super convenient as most recipes allow you to just toss ingredients in and turn it on then leave it for 6-8 hours. It’s a great way to ensure you’re eating healthy even when you work long hours.


This classic pressure cooker brand has been around for a long time and is tested and true. Buying a quality pressure cooker is very important if you plan on using it for a lot of your meals. You’re in luck because this Black Friday the Express Crock 6 Quart Pressure Cooker is marked down by $50โ€”Happy Pressure Cooking!

There you have itโ€”our best Black Friday deals for all of your apartment necessities. We hope this helps you have the best coffee, meals, and cleanest apartment! If you’re still looking for an apartment, AptAmigo is here to make that process as stress-free and fun as possible. Just reach out to us and let us know your preferences and lifestyle and we will schedule a day of tours to your favorite buildings. We will also personally assist you through the whole process including ubering you to each apartment so you can just focus on finding your next home.