We interviewed Sarah from Sarah Montgomery Interiors on everything home-related, from what to splurge on to favorite decorating tips. “Sarah Montgomery is a Chicago-based designer and stylist who creates rich interiors blending new design and vintage finds with a tailored use of color and pattern.” Her background in high-end textiles, theater, and manufacturing blends together to create her playful, confident style. “She believes the fun is in the mix and good design doesn’t have to be so serious!”

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If you only had to buy one thing to spruce up a room, what would it be? 

My background is in textiles and I love color and pattern so I would have to say decorative pillows!

What’s one item you love talking about/that other people always talk about in your house?

I think guests love to see all my little decor objects displayed and ask if there is a story behind them.

What’s one item you will always (or did) splurge on?

Wallpaper or drapery

One item you will never splurge on?

A side table

Your worst apartment/home story?

Besides my last roommate in college, I would have to say living in a studio apartment here in Chicago. I need a decent sized kitchen and to be able to host!

Favorite place to get apartment inspiration/window shop?

I love to go vintage shopping and I also attend a lot of trade shows for the interior design industry. I love to see the product as much as how it is displayed.

Favorite place to find a bargain?


A must-have or must-do for hosting? 

I have a lot of decorative side plates from my Anthropologie days so I like to put those out along with cloth napkins. I also love to cook and share my food with others.

Favorite snack/item/activity for when you host company?

Cheese and wine

Design or decorating tips? 

Plants and textiles are the best way to add warmth and layers to a home.

What is the vibe of your apartment or house?

Graphic meets Granny.

How have you Konmari’d your house?

Living in Chicago and being a renter, I have moved every 2-3 years. I use that as an opportunity to purge and only keep things that bring me joy.

What was a small transformation that you did to your apartment/house that ended up making a big difference?

Paint! Even if you rent, it’s worth the time and money.

We hope this blog post gave you some new ideas for refreshing your apartment space! You can visit Sarah’s website to see more of her design work and get in contact with her! As always, AptAmigo is here to help during your apartment hunt. Just reach out to us, let us know what you’re looking for, and we will set everything up—stress free!

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