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West Loop


  • Vibe - Yuppie / Strollers and Brunch
  • Nightlife - Great
  • Dining - Excellent
  • Convenience - Great


  • One of Chicago's best neighborhood dining scenes
  • Easy access to the Loop and I-90/94
  • Rapid recent construction and development


  • Rising cost of living
  • Certain pockets of the neighborhood lack convenience

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West Loop lies in the old commercial area of Chicago, west of I-94, but is and has been quickly gentrifying over the past decade. West Loop is now home to many young professionals and one of the best restaurant scenes in the whole city. West Loopers have easy access to both I-94 and 290, making commutes to the suburbs and Indiana a breeze. To get downtown, West Loop residents either take the Green/Pink lines, the Madison bus (#20), or hoof it to the loop. On weekday mornings, the streets of West Loop are filled with cars heading to the highways and droves of commuters on the sidewalks heading east towards the loop.

Around lunchtime, West Loopers and other downtown workers come back to West Loop to enjoy the ample and gourmet dining options like Au Cheval, Girl and the Goat, or travel to the southeast corner of West Loop, known as Greektown, to enjoy the most authentic Greek cuisine in the city.

On weeknights, the neighborhood’s expansive nightlife options such as City Winery or Old Fifth are packed with people enjoying one another’s company. Weekends can be spent taking a stroll through Union Park, which also hosts Pitchfork Music Festival, enjoying the amenities of the many West Loop high rises or travelling a little farther west to watch a Blackhawks or Bulls game at the United Center.

Mornings in West Loop are defined by commuters heading towards downtown, cars hopping on I-94 or 290, or people getting on the Green Line to get to The Loop.

West Loop is slowly emerging as the neighborhood with the most contemporary and expansive dining options, with options ranging from one of the best burgers in Chicago (Au Cheval), to Greek restaurants whose decor and food make you feel like you are eating in Athens.

Paying homage to its commercial and industrial background, a number of high level corporations now have their regional headquarters in West Loop, including Google Inc., and Threadless clothing.

After work, West Loopers can be found enjoying drinks and live music at City Winery. Or for those who would rather focus on conversing rather than music, Old Fifth is a viable option.

When the weekend rolls around, West Loopers can be found strolling through Union and Mary Bartelme Park, enjoying the modern amenities that the numerous high rises have to offer, or heading over to United Center to cheer on their favorite sports team.

Where West Loopers live:

There are a number of high rises in West Loop, like The Parker at Fulton Market.

However, most West Loop residents live in mid rises. Due to its commercial history, you won't find many single family households in West Loop.

If this sounds like your kind of neighborhood, check out the best rated buildings in West Loop below!

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