Team Spotlight: Sean Pontier, Sales Recruiter

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Sean Pontier is a prime example of the growth that is not only possible, but highly encouraged at AptAmigo. In his 3 years here, he has gone from Touring Agent to Sales Rep to his most recent role as Sales Recruiter! When Sean first came across AptAmigo, he said, “I was in the process of starting an Interior Design business at the time and was looking for some flexible work where I could make some money on the side.

While on Craigslist, I saw a little ad for a Touring Agent job, which I didn’t know was a thing. I didn’t even know that there was a career in rental properties and touring them, so I reached out, got an interview, and it’s all a story from there!”

Sean also shows how we encourage our teammates to expand their horizons and explore other potential roles. “There was never any pressure to move into sales,” he said, “but when I showed interest there, it was almost like that interest was latched onto by my team! If you show passion and you are passionate about something, AptAmigo just provides leaps and bounds of opportunities for you.”

He also gives a big shoutout to Connor, his former manager at the time. “He was my biggest inspiration and my biggest support/mentor. He’s even invited to my wedding! He really drove me to succeed and want to be one of the top performers.”

In his new position as Sales Recruiter, he enthusiastically talks about what he enjoys most: “The people, of course! I get to work with a lot of great people who are extremely supportive. I meet all sorts of people and every day is different. It’s interesting giving the people you meet an opportunity to have the chance that I had when I started sales. I get to talk to them about my story, about where I started and how I grew. If you just put your name out there and you say what you want, you can get there very easily in this company, especially if you put in the effort.”


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Team Spotlight: Sean Pontier, Sales Recruiter
Team Spotlight: Sean Pontier, Sales Recruiter

Hear from Sean Pontier one of our Sales Recruiters in Denver on what makes our sales teams so great, and why they love working at AptAmigo.


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