Team Spotlight: Kellie Koren

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Kellie Koren is a bright spot in our company who easily demonstrates how one can move up at AptAmigo! When Kellie was first starting out, she was looking for a part-time job in real estate that would work with her schedule when her friend and one of our teammates recommended us to her.

“I found out about AptAmigo through my friend Sana Irshad. She is a Chicago sales rep and she knew that I was looking for a job and asked me if I wanted to start as a touring agent. I said yes, of course, I love real estate and I’ve had prior work experience in it, so it was just an easy yes for me.”

As for moving up to her current position as Operations Manager, she says, “I started as a Touring Agent, which was an awesome way to learn the ins-and-outs of the company and get a different perspective.

I was then asked if I wanted to join the Operations team since I wanted to work full-time for AptAmigo, so I made the jump into a different department. It has definitely taught me how to properly communicate and effectively problem solve in the moment.

Management saw the potential in me to lead, and now I am an operations manager, which is quite an honor!”

One big emphasis we have at AptAmigo is making sure every teammate has a “work best friend,” and Kellie was more than happy to share hers! “Kaitlyn Howell- She’s the head of operations and my boss. She has been such a great leader and I’ve learned so much from her, whether it is about work or taking care of yourself in your personal life.

She has definitely been a mentor for me! My other work best friend is Sana, who helped me get this job and I can’t thank her enough. She introduced me to an amazing job opportunity that’s allowed me to work with incredible people!

For Kellie, the reason why she has stayed at AptAmigo is “It’s the people. Every person I work with validates you and makes you feel like your opinion. It makes you wanna work and it brings a new challenge each day. When one person wins, we all win, and this happens across all teams! It just brings a smile to your face.”


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Team Spotlight: Kellie Koren
Team Spotlight: Kellie Koren

Hear from Kellie Koren, our Chicago Operations Manager, about a day in the life of our Ops team and why she loves working at AptAmigo.


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