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Gold Coast

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  • Vibe - Touristy / Yuppie / Old Money
  • Nightlife - Great
  • Dining - Excellent
  • Convenience - Great


  • Proximity to River North (nightlife) and Lake Michigan (views)
  • Center of Chicago's high-end shopping options
  • Expansive and tasty nearby dining options


  • Expensive real estate and parking
  • Limited number of quick-service dining options
  • High-end shopping options attract tourists

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Gold Coast offers a blend of luxurious residences, restaurants and shopping, convenient access to Lake Michigan and boisterous nightlife, which makes it one of the more unique neighborhoods in Chicago. On weekdays, tourists and residents frequent the area’s quaint parks, high-end shops and restaurants. On weeknights, the area’s “Viagra Triangle” offers some of the best socializing and people watching in the city. After hours, Division Street becomes a hub for recent college grads who don’t want the party to stop. Weekends on Oak Street Beach and Lake Shore Drive are where Gold Coast really shines.

Gold Coasters can wake up with an early walk, jog or bike along Lake Michigan via quick access to the Lakefront trail.

If you commute to or from Gold Coast you’re equally likely to see professionals in tailored suits or shoppers flaunting this season’s Prada. During rush hour, the Division and Chicago red lines are packed with commuters making the 15 minute trip down to River North or the Loop.

At lunch, quick service dining options are limited to a cluster on Chicago Avenue, while the area’s high-end restaurants host a combination of tourists and retirees.

If you’re looking for a small treat for the commute back to work, “Sprinkles” crafts delicious cupcakes that have earned national fame.

Don’t be surprised to see a Ferrari or Lambo glide by as you enjoy your lunch.

When the stock market closes, the humorously named “Viagra Triangle” becomes the place to socialize.

After the Viagra Triangle patrons get sleepy, Division Street and its numerous bars become flooded with college grads looking to socialize.

After a long night of bar hopping, Gold Coasters enjoy sleeping in and enjoying brunch rather than just a boring breakfast.

Gold Coasters who would rather cook weekend brunch than buy it, can stop by the weekly Division St. farmer’s market and purchase the freshest ingredients.

For those who aren’t as versed in cooking, 3rd Coast serves up a tasty brunch that will get you ready for your weekend activities.

Oak Street beach is a community hot-spot for all ages. After brunch, head to the beach to develop your base tan, play some beach volleyball or enjoy a cool drink, all while soaking up the sun.


If crowds aren’t your forte, the open green spaces of Washington Square Park can be used to entertain children and dogs alike.

Gold Coast is home to a number of high rises both new and old that house many of its residents. The commonality between all Gold Coast housing options however is they almost all have spectacular views of Lake Michigan.

Gold Coast is the home of Chicago’s old money and sparsely populated throughout the high rises you can find beautiful, Victorian style houses.

If this sounds like your kind of neighborhood, check out the best rated buildings in Gold Coast below!

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