Team Spotlight: Alex Anderson, Sales Manager

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Alex Anderson showcases perfectly how hard work and dedication are highly rewarded at AptAmigo. Alex Anderson first started as a Sales Rep, and became a Sales Manager in less than a year! He says, “I started at AptAmigo as a Sales Rep in Chicago. My first day as a Sales Rep was actually the first day of the lockdown in Chicago, so I’ve had a very interesting journey!”

Alex is not a newbie to the real estate industry; he came to AptAmigo with prior experience in residential real estate. However, once he and his family decided to move from Champaign, IL to the Chicago suburbs, he knew he had to make a move.

“I left residential real estate mainly because we were moving markets, and in my stage of life I could not have gone the traditional route with the time it takes to become established and get paid in a new market. It can be 6 months if you’re lucky, but in a market like the Chicago suburbs, everybody knows somebody who knows somebody who knows a realtor. It was not a smart financial or professional decision for me to get into a new market in the same position I was in.”

“I talked to Danny (Chief Revenue Officer) so many times before I believed that the compensation was real just because of my previous role as a residential real estate agent. You wouldn’t get much money (as a residential real estate agent) from renting anything, but with AptAmigo, you make more than enough money leasing apartments, and that’s been fantastic!”

Working with AptAmigo has not only provided him opportunities to grow and get promoted, but it has also provided him and his wonderful family peace of mind.

“AptAmigo has been everything for me, both personally and professionally. It could not have come at a better time in my and my family’s life. It’s impossible not to talk about the pandemic, but my wife is a teacher, and with two kids, having AptAmigo really helped me provide for my family. Plus, the culture is just something that I love. I think the power of positivity is incredibly strong and we have a great, supportive family culture here that I have been drawn to since day one.”


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Team Spotlight: Alex Anderson, Sales Manager
Team Spotlight: Alex Anderson, Sales Manager

Hear from Alex Anderson what makes our sales team great, careers at AptAmigo, and why he loves working here.


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