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  • Vibe - Strollers and Brunch / College 2.0 / LGBT Friendly
  • Nightlife - Excellent
  • Dining - Excellent
  • Convenience - Good


  • Proximity to Wrigley Field (entertainment) and Lake Michigan (views)
  • Some of the best nightlife options in the city
  • Young, youthful population


  • Neighborhood can get rowdy on the weekends and after Cubs' games
  • Long commutes to The Loop

The Lakeview sub-neighborhood of Wrigleyville can be summed up in two words: booze and baseball. Centered around the ivy clad Wrigley field, Wrigleyville is known as a makeshift victory lap for recent college graduates and sports fans who want to get rowdy. This is not the environment for people who like their peace and quiet as there is an abundance of bars like Sluggers and the Cubby Bear fill up on the weekends.

On game day, Wrigleyville is boisterous as the whole city converges on Wrigley Field to cheer their team on and to shop for Cubs paraphernalia at Strange Cargo. Outside of the stadium, the surrounding neighborhood is filled with detailed brownstones that the young professionals of the area reside. All in all, Wrigleyville is spirited and lively, but still retains components of a residential community when the Cubs are the away team.

In the heart of Wrigleyville lies Wrigley Field itself, which Chicagoans (well, besides Sox fans) will agree is the most beautiful stadium in the land.

Clark St is lined with bars and restaurants such as Rockit that keep fans happy before and after the games.
The mood of Wrigleyville is usually rambunctious and people come from all over to have a good time and enjoy the day.

Wrigleyville bleeds blue and residents always have a front-row seat to everything Cubs’ baseball.

Wrigleyville likes to drink and even the coffee shop Uncommon Ground serves up mimosas before the start of the game.
What’s a baseball game without a good, old-fashion hot dog from Wrigleyville Dogs?

After the game or after you leave the bars, Cozy Noodles offers hot Thai food, colorful walls and toy displays all for a fair price.

The other Wrigleyville passion besides baseball is booze and Sluggers is a fan favorite with their second floor game center, batting cages and dueling pianos competitions.
For the people who want their co-workers and friends to know they love their team, Strange Cargo and other clothing stores are packed with Chicago sports apparel.

Residents close to Wrigleyville have even built bleachers on the tops of their units to provide one-of-a-kind viewing opportunities of the game. However, outside the immediate vicinity of the field, Wrigleyville resembles the neighborhoods of Lakeview and Lincoln Park with its lovely brownstones and greenery.

You won’t find any high rises in Wrigleyville, as townhouses and low rises line the streets of Sheridan and Addison.

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