Top 10 Luxury Apartment Pools in Chicago: Streeterville

We have a few precious days of Chicago summer left and it's our duty as good Chicagoans to get the most out of it. And for those Chicagoans who are in the midst of some last minute apartment hunting; as in you're set to move out in a week and just now thought of looking. We feel the pain of your time crunch and AptAmigo is here to help!

We have compiled a curated list of the top 10 buildings in Streeterville, complete with pools to help you enjoy the last drop of summer and maybe a few of the winter months too.

Whether you're solo swimming to get in shape....
Swimming Hedgehog

Or throwing a pool party for you and 20 of your closest friends... Ferris Pool

We have a pool in Streeterville perfect for you!

Cityfront Place - 4 Stars

Cityfront Place Pool

What could be better than an indoor lap pool usable all year round? An indoor lap pool with a "Nana wall!" I know what you're thinking, what does Nana wall mean? It means that there are retractable walls along the pool so Cityfront Place residents can enjoy that summer breeze, and block out that winter wind come December.

420 E Ohio St - 4 Stars

420 E Ohio St Pool

Residents at 420 E Ohio can also brag about the flexibility offered by retractable walls near their pool. Combine that with their proximity to the lake and Navy Pier it's a wonder anyone is even in the pool!

Axis - 4 Stars

Axis Pool

For all of those small town transplants missing that pool in the backyard feel, Axis has a cure for your homesick feeling. Surrounded by faux-grass, tenants will feel like they're at their cousin's backyard barbecue instead of Streeterville.

Atwater- 4 Stars

Looking for a sunny place to host your friends before you head to Lollapalooza? Atwater residents can impress their friends by pre-gaming by the pool, and serving up some burgers with one of the communal grills.

North Water - 4 ½ Stars

North Water Pool

Is there a greater combination than a heated pool and an outdoor terrace with surround sound media? We didn't think so. And North Water residents' glowing reviews corroborate our thoughts.

Optima Chicago Center - 4 ½ Stars

Optima Chicago Center Pool

Optima's entire 10th floor was built especially to cater to the residents' health and fitness, including their aquatic center featuring a 15-meter pool.

Lake Shore Plaza - 4 ½ Stars

Lake Shore Plaza Pool

Lake Shore Plaza offers tenants the definition of relaxation. A gigantic deck surrounding their heated pool, combined with the outdoor jacuzzi and sauna will make everyday feel like a stay-cation.

500 Lake Shore Dr - 5 Stars

500 Lake Shore Dr Pool

Facing east right up against LSD, there isn't a single structure that could ruin your pool deck view of the lake! Residents enjoy fun filled days in the sun watching boats on the lake and grilling out on the terrace.

The Streeter - 5 Stars

The Streeter Pool

The Streeter residents are in tip-top shape with their indoor resistance pool to really get their heart rate up and muscled toned. Looking for a more relaxing scene? The lake is only a short walk away for all the Chicago summer fun you could ask for!

Moment (Leave a Review!)

Moment Pool Placed on the 45th floor, Moment's pool deck with adjacent indoor lounge for the hotter days is the perfect place to hang out with your friends all summer long. 2016 tenants will be the first not only to live in this brand new building's units, but the first to break in this stunning pool deck.