These 6 Chicago Buildings Might Make Your Life an Awesome Sitcom

Whether you’re new to Chicago or just moving to a new building, friendly neighbors are a huge plus. We all deal with enough polite awkwardness at work - the last thing we want is more of it between us and Netflix n Chill.

If you're on the hunt for a new best friend, have we got the apartments for you!

So what makes a building fun and spontaneous?

For starters, neighbors won’t mind your "Chelsea Dagger" ringtone and might even barge-in chanting "We want the cup!" after every Blackhawks win.

Elevator awkwardness becomes elevator dance party.

No nasty looks after your 15 minute "jog" on the treadmill at your building's fitness center.

Lots of grilling on the communal outdoor space.

At AptAmigo headquarters we tasked our best and brightest to let all Chicago renters know which buildings are the most social/friendly. Life's too short, right?

So how did we do it? We took our database of over 3,000 reviews and then we did some boring math that we won’t explain.

5) K2

According to our science, 75% of our K2 reviews boast that it is one of the most friendly apartment buildings in Chicago. It must be all of that mingling at their huge, new dog park.

4) R+D 659 & 500 Lake Shore Drive

Ladies and gents we have a tie! 78% of our R+D 659 and 500 Lake Shore Drive reviews might have found their best friend in the building. Maybe they should have a mixer.

3) Hubbard Place

At a colossal 86%, Hubbard Place is one of the most friendly buildings in River North. Prepare to meet your new BFF!

2) 1225 Old Town

A whopping 90% of 1225 Old Town's reviewers brag about their cool neighbors and probably chat with them at the rooftop dog-walk (we’re noticing a theme on this list).

1) One Superior Place

An unreal 94% of its renters agree that this building is super social. There must be some "Chicago Summer" in the water.

Social Butterfly - Honorable Mentions go to:

EnV Chicago - 71%

Eugenie Terrace - 69%

Chestnut Tower - 64%

Millennium Park Plaza - 60%

Didn’t see your super friendly building on our list? Think your building should be ranked higher? We want to hear about it! Go to and leave a review!