The Loop


  • Vibe - Touristy / Yuppie
  • Nightlife - Okay
  • Dining - Good
  • Convenience - Excellent


  • Walk to work
  • Easy access to all public transportation
  • Awesome energy from the Theater District


  • Commercial and touristy
  • Quiet on the weekends with limited nightlife and dining options
  • Few grocery stores in the neighborhood

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The Loop is the heart of downtown Chicago and gets its name from the loop that the El trains form before jetting off to their respective paths out of the city. The Loop is heavily commercial as companies like United Airways, Northern Trust and Boeing, to name a few, have their offices located here.

The Loop truly is a concrete jungle and residents of the Loop must have a love for city life. Weekdays in the Loop are the busiest you will ever see the city as Chicagoan's from every neighborhood converge on its central location. Coffee shops and breakfast restaurants are packed with businessmen vying to be first in line. The Loop, while being very commercial, does contain some historical and community buildings that are used by all residents such as the Art Institute of Chicago.

After work and on the weekends, the Loop essentially shuts down and the streets and restaurants that were packed are now eerily empty. However, Millennium Park is adjacent to the Loop and is constantly packed with tourists taking photos of Cloud Gate and residents enjoying open air concerts and Maggie Daley Park.

The Loop is where are the CTA lines meet and bring with them the thousands of workers who commute every day downtown.

Many national companies have their headquarters in The Loop, such as Northern Trust.During the morning rush and lunch hours are really the only times that dining options are open in the Loop as many shut down around 6 p.m.

Besides being Chicago’s center of business, The Loop also houses some iconic cultural buildings and areas, such as the Art Institute of Chicago, the Harold Washington Public Library, and Maggie Daley Park

When work ends, it's easy to catch a free open-air concert in Millennium Park.

After jamming out, there are a few restaurants along Michigan Ave hungry residents can stop at or head a little further into The Loop to Italian Village for a quaint dinner with wonderful ambiance. If you get up early enough on the weekend and don’t feel like cooking breakfast, head over to Wildberry cafe for a scrumptious brunch with a city view.

Once you’ve stuffed yourself with pancakes, pop over to Millennium Park and see one of Chicago’s most photographed location.

On your way home from Millennium Park, stop by the Daley Plaza farmer’s market for fresh veggies and fruits.

Yet, once it gets dark, The Loop becomes abandoned with little to no foot or vehicle traffic.

Where do The Loop residents live?

If you are planning on living in The Loop, be prepared for a high-rise lifestyle because that’s all that is available.

The only difference in housing options is whether the building is an old, new or glass construction. OneEleven is one of the newer glass constructions in the city. While The Fisher is steeped in history.

If this sounds like your kind of neighborhood, check out the best rated buildings in The Loop below!

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