Top 10 Luxury Apartment Gyms in Chicago: Streeterville

We're back again with our favorite gyms!

This time we'll be taking a look at which buildings in Streeterville have gyms that are up to par to help you get in shape. A great gym is one that offers you a plethora of options to break a sweat.

Whether you're thinking about bringing in a personal trainer...

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Or love taking fitness classes with a few of your designated workout buddies.....


AptAmigo has the scoop on the 10 best Streeterville gyms to meet all of your yoga / Crossfit / Pilates / cardio needs.

McClurg Court - 3 ½ Stars

McClurg Court Gym

McClurg Court residents get to enjoy some pretty expansive amenities. From tennis courts, to a huge common workspace, to an amazing pool deck; and their gym does not fall short of the expectations.

Cityfront Place - 4 Stars

Cityfront Place Gym

Looking for a home sweet home in Chicago that will help you get in shape? Cityfront Place offers its residents an onsite gym and a yoga studio!

Axis - 4 Stars

Axis Gym

Thinking about hitting the treadmill but don't want to miss the Cubs game? Axis residents get the best of both worlds, with a TV screen on their cardio equipment.

Atwater - 4 Stars

Atwater Gym

Bringing in a professional to help you get in shape? Atwater can compliment your training with its professional fitness center, featuring state-of-the-art cardiovascular and weight training machines.

North Water - 4 ½ Stars

North Water Gym

If you're schedule isn't the regular 9-5 you may be hitting the gym at less than normal times. North Water tenants can sneak in that 11:00PM workout with their on-site 24 hour fitness center.

Optima Chicago Center - 4 ½ Stars

Optima Chicago Gym

The entire 10th floor of Optima was designed with fitness in mind. Featuring a fully-equipped workout room, spa, and steam rooms Optima residents can break a sweat and relax all in one space.

Lake Shore Plaza - 4 ½ Stars

Lake Shore Plaza

Getting in shape sounds good in theory, but the cost adds up. New gym clothes, that fancy
blender for some green smoothies. Lake Shore Plaza tenants save a few bucks on a gym membership with their complimentary on-site gym. So go ahead and splurge on that new yoga mat you've been eyeing!

500 Lake Shore Dr - 5 Stars

500 Lake Shore Drive Gym

If a private, resident only fitness center by Equinox sounds like a dream then dream no more! 500 N Lake Shore Dr is offering its tenants this reality!

The Streeter - 5 Stars

The Streeter

State of the art equipment and a half basketball court makes The Streeter residents some of the most fit around. You can finally have a space to practice your jump-shot.

Moment (Leave a Review!)

Moment Gym

Moment doesn't stop at your state-of-the-art gym with smartphone connectivity, they also boast a sauna/spa combo with hot tub and massage room. On top of that they provide a private studio perfect for yoga or Fitness on Demand.