Top 10 Chicago Luxury Apartments Featuring In-unit Laundry: River North

Starting your apartment search may have you compiling a list of must-haves. You need a gym in your building, definitely a pool, hardwood floors throughout your unit, and the ever sought after in-unit laundry. A pool with cabanas and grills may ignite some awesome pool parties, but nothing beats the luxury of in-unit laundry. Once you no longer have to lug your laundry down to the dim basement of your building, there's really no going back. In fact, laundry may become enjoyable!

To help you out with your search we've put together our top 10 List of the highest rated apartments in River North that include the coveted in-unit washer and dryer. Residents at these buildings not only reap the benefits of a building with user reviews ranking at 4/5 stars and above, but they also get to enjoy the convenience of doing laundry in the comfort of their own home.

Grand Plaza - 4 Stars

At Grand Plaza there are no socks left behind for residents, with laundry in every unit!

EnV - 4 ½ Stars

With built in wine racks and a washer/dryer in every unit, EnV is the perfect building for residents who like to sip Chardonnay as they fold.

Flair Tower - 4 ½ Stars

Flair Tower also hosts in-unit laundry to meet the demands of their serious walk-in closets, where your clothes may or may not end up folded.

AMLI River North - 4 ½ Stars

Residents at AMLI get to enjoy a huge list of amenities, but nothin truly beats their full-size stackable washer and dryer. When you think about it, you'll spend more time doing laundry than you will testing out their golf simulator.

Kingsbury Plaza - 4 ½ Stars

Panoramic floor to ceiling windows and private balconies; Kingsbury Plaza residents get to enjoy folding laundry with a view!

One Superior Place - 5 Stars

Tired of waiting for a dryer to become available as your clothes sit damp in the community washer? One Superior Place tenants never have to wait in line.

Hubbard Place - 5 Stars

Is your biggest pet-peeve those people who forget about their laundry? Or the ones who take other's laundry out, and leave it sopping wet on top of a nearby table? We're all in one of those camps, except for Hubbard place tenants who don't need to share.

Jones - 5 Stars

Throw your laundry in, and head up to the poolside cabanas while it dries? Yeah that sounds like a terrible laundry day! We're all a little jealous of Jones Chicgao residents.

The Hensley - Leave a Review!

Be the first to not only live in one of The Hensley's units, but the first to break in that full-size, stackable in-unit washer dryer!

Wolf Point - Leave a Review!

High-end amenities like car shining, a spa just for your dog, and in-unit washer dryer means three things for Wolf Point West tenants: clean car, clean dog, and clean clothes at your convenience.