Printer's Row


  • Vibe - Yuppie / College / Laid-back
  • Nightlife - Okay
  • Dining - Great
  • Convenience - Excellent


  • Proximity to The Loop (work)
  • Unique loft-style housing, unlike any other neighborhood
  • Bibliophiles' dream


  • Long walks to the grocery store
  • Limited number of nearby nightlife options
  • Self-contained community

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Printer’s Row is a sub-neighborhood in the North Central area of South Loop that is quickly becoming residential as the old publishing and printing business buildings are converted into lofts and condos. Printer’s Row shares many of the same qualities as South Loop, since it’s located within its overarching borders. Commuting times are low, green space is abundant and book stores are plentiful. One distinguishing factor of Printer’s Row is the style of housing that is available; the lofts and condos that populate Printer’s Row are unique in the fact that they have been carved out of historic warehouses and printing industry buildings. Printer’s Row still pays homage to its printing and publishing background with its Annual Lit Fest, held every June.

Printer’s Row was, until recently, a hub for the commercial printing and publishing industry but has since given way to gentrification.

Alike South Loop, Printer’s row is conveniently located near the Red line, various other public transportation stops and the highway.

Aside from the Red Line, Printer’s Row is also home to Dearborn Station.

Since most of the residential buildings have been converted from factories and warehouses, the lofts of Printer’s Row are unlike any other found in the city and distinguish it from South Loop.

True to the name of the neighborhood, the annual Lit Fest is held in Printer’s Row every June.

While many other neighborhoods are home to designer shops, Printer’s Row is the destination for bibliophiles who want to add a new book to their collection.

Printer’s Row is also home to Columbia College, which helps give Printer’s Row its young and artistic vibe.

Although small in size, Printer’s Row is always bustling with people and conversation.

There are many fine dining options in available in Printer’s Row including Umai Japanese Restaurant on Clark St or if you want to cheat on your diet, head to Hackney’s.

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