Old Town


  • Vibe - Yuppie / Strollers and Brunch
  • Nightlife - Great
  • Dining - Great
  • Convenience - Great


  • Art and comedy scene
  • Expansive dining and nightlife options
  • Unique, artisan storefronts


  • Limited access to public transportation

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Old Town, nestled between Gold Coast and Lincoln Park, takes on the attributes of these two neighborhoods and blends them seamlessly; The affluent nature of Gold Coast’s high rises merges with the tree-lined streets and boutiques of Lincoln Park. Old town is a quaint pocket of town homes and single family houses that contrasts against the high rises of the city.

Old Towners can be found sipping on espresso at Elaine’s Coffee Call or taking a look at the latest art pieces at the contemporary art studio on weekday mornings. Weeknights in Old Town can be spent eating at Kamehachi, the self-proclaimed “first sushi restaurant in Chicago” then catching a comedy act at Second City Theater.

Being one of the oldest neighborhoods, the Old Town Triangle Historic District can be explored before stocking up one’s cooking oils at Old Town Oil during the weekends.

Elaine’s Coffee Call serves up specialty coffee and tasty crepes that will brighten anyone’s morning.

Old Town is known for its love of the arts and has numerous art studios and galleries.

Kamehachi, eight turtles in Japanese, has been an Old Town tradition for 40 years now and has been honing their sushi making skills throughout the years.

Old Town is one of Chicago’s oldest neighborhoods and is steeped in history.

Old Town’s connection to the loop is via the brown line at the Sedgwick stop.

To celebrate its rich art culture, Old Town hosts an arts festival every June with hundreds of vendors and live music.

Even the cooking shops in Old Town are artisan and Old Town Oil is the poster child.

Old Town loves their comedy acts and theaters like Second City and Zanies are sure to bring on the laughter with their contemporary humor.

Old Town Ale House takes the usual bar atmosphere and decor and throws an Old Town artsy spin on it.

Where Old Town residents live:

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