Top 10 Chicago Luxury Apartment Gyms: River North

Anyone who's been through an apartment search knows how difficult it can be to narrow down your choices on simply where within Chicago to live.alancing a neighborhood that suites your personality, but also won't make your commute to work unbearably long. And you can't forget about proximity to grocery stores, coffee shops, restaurants, a park for your dog etc. The last thing you want to do is try and factor in distance to your gym.

In the spirit of staying healthy, we have compiled a list of the top 10 buildings in River North with a great on-site gym so that

you won't have to calculate commute time into your workout routine.

Whether you're super into fitness

Or you're just thinking about getting started

The following buildings all have the gym you need to get you pumped for a daily (or monthly) workout session.

Grand Plaza - 4 Stars

This 24 hour fitness center comes complete with treadmills, ellipticals, free weights, everything you would expect to see in a full service gym. Add in the half basketball court and seasonal outdoor running track and Grand Plaza residents will never need a gym membership ever again.

West 77 - 4 Stars

You could walk to the nearest gym in River North, and pay the ridiculously expensive monthly fee. Or, you can be a savvy and spoiled West 77 tenant and take a quick elevator ride to your in-house gym.

AMLI River North - 4 ½ Stars

A full service fitness center has become pretty standard. So standard, that AMLI upped the ante with a private yoga/pilates studio, making AMLI residents some of the most flexible around.

EnV - 4 ½ Stars

Following AMLI's lead, EnV also brings a 24 hour fitness center with yoga/pilates studio to the table. 24 hour yoga means EnV tenants can keep calm and centered.

Flair Tower - 4½ Stars

Complete with Life fitness equipment, Flair Tower residents can enjoy a high tech gym that tracks their workouts to help them keep up that progress!

One Superior Place - 5 Stars

One Superior Place's fitness center is complimented with signature cardio and a strength training room. Residents can easily squeeze in a HIIT workout in their schedule any day.

Hubbard - 5 Stars

Not only does Hubbard Place boast an "over-the-top fitness center" and private stretching room, residents also get some exclusive perks to the nearby East Bank Club.

Jones - 5 Stars

It's already hard enough to stay motivated enough to go to the gym. Chicago winters make it even harder. No one wants to trudge through 10 minutes of snow and icy wind. Lucky Jones tenants can stay motivated with only a short elevator ride between them and the treadmill.

Wolf Point West - Leave a Review!

TRX, Life Fitness and Cybex training equipment including virtual courses, device connectivity & workout tracking. Residents can't find a more tech savvy gym in Chicago. Not to mention one of - if not the - best views in all of Chicago from its top floor.

Hensley - Leave a Review!

Be one of the first residents to break a sweat in the Hensley's full service gym. Just think of those treadmills and free weights completely untouched!