Live Like a Local: 5 Places to Relax

We've all been there: stiff neck, sore back and feet, dull skin, chewed up nails. When you're a Chicagoan on the go, the hustle-and-bustle of city life can take its toll, and the signs of stress can pile up.

We all need a little TLC every now and then, so you scour the internet to find a place to pamper yourself, but the options, especially in such a busy city, are seemingly endless. No worries! AptAmigo has compiled a list of 5 of the top day spas in Chicago to help you treat yo' self.

Float Sixty

303 W. Erie St
River North

Float Sixty is a modern float studio. I’m sure your first question is, what the heck is a float studio? According to Float Sixty’s website, floating is “the relaxation practice of being buoyant in approximately 10 inches of water in a solution of 1,000 pounds of… Epsom Salts.” This creates a very dense solution that allows the body to float effortlessly.

The water is heated to body temperature, and the room or pod one lies in is light-proof and sound-insulated. The lack of sensory input promotes a profound relaxation response in the body. This relaxation response is the inverse of the body’s stress response, making a session at Float Sixty a great choice for any overworked Chicagoan.

Ruby Room

1743-1745 W. Division St
Wicker Park

One of the top day spas in Chicago, the Ruby Room is more than just a salon: it’s a healing sanctuary, a yoga and meditation studio, and a figurative department store for crystals, elixers, makeup, skincare, haircare, and myriad other items, all intended to cater to your inner and outer beauty.

Their options range from haircuts and colors to facials and massages, but what makes them stand out the most are their healing services. From infrared amethyst BioMat sessions, designed to reduce stress, anxiety, inflammation, allergy symptoms and more, while improving blood flow, sleep patterns immune system function and others, to different forms of intuitive readings and energy healing, the Ruby Room takes self-care to a new, more luxurious, and more holistic level.

Allyu Spa

600 W. Chicago Ave
River North

From manis to pedis to massages, Allyu is another spot that has it all. Like the others on this list, though, there are a few specialties that make it one of the best Chicago day spas. They offer chakra balancing, reflexology, and an array of spa body treatments. A neem and volcanic clay wrap will stimulate your lymphatic system, improve circulation, and leave the skin looking radiant. The infrared detox wrap will relax the muscles and detoxify the body.

One final thing that sets this spa apart is its array of mother-to-be and new mother options. Allyu offers both pre- and post-natal massages, and, if you’re really looking to treat yourself, a package called the Carnelian, which includes a massage, a facial, and a spa pedicure, and is designed to strengthen physical energy and life force.

Urban Oasis Spa

939 W. North Ave and 12 W. Maple St #3
Lincoln Park and River North

Compared to the other spas on this list, the menu at Urban Oasis Spa is somewhat limited, offering only massages, two skin treatments, and an array of waxing services.

What sets them apart, though, is their inclusion of three modalities of traditional Chinese medicine; cupping, a treatment in which cups are suctioned to the back in order to loosen tight muscles, encourage blood flow, promote the release of toxins, and relax the nervous system; gua sha, "the repetitive stimulation of the skin... with a small, smooth instrument to release the cellular waste trapped in muscle fibers," and acupuncture, the insertion of tiny needles into specific points in the body in order to help guide one’s energy flow. If ancient naturopathy is your thing, then this is the place for you!

Oxygen Spa Studio

400 S. Green St
West Loop

At a glance, this spa has a solid menu of typical spa services. So why, then, does it make this list? Take a look at the prices: any 60-minute massage is a maximum $80, and some other services, like any 10-minute LED light treatment, run as little as $12, making Oxygen Spa Studio an excellent Chicago option for treating yourself on a budget.

What’s more, the low prices mean that you can stay within your price range and try a few different services, and, let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a day of pampering for less than $100?