AptAmigo: Find Your Perfect Apartment with Data

We started AptAmigo to help people find their perfect Chicago apartment.

There are several reasons why we believe this is difficult. First, there’s an almost unlimited amount of available information: Walkscore, median rent prices by neighborhood, quality of nearby schools, CTA access, amenities, to name just a few. Not all of this information is necessarily accurate (a 15-minute walk to a grocery store doesn’t deserve a 90+ Walkscore in our book – especially in winter!) and too much of it makes it hard to prioritize what’s most important.

Second, once you find an apartment that seems like a perfect fit, photos and a walkthrough don’t equal living there. For example, my wife and I live in the West Loop. It’s a great location (we love being able to walk to work and the awesome restaurants and nightlife on Randolph Street) and our apartment is very reasonably priced. However, we didn’t appreciate that the shower pressure would be poor, or just how loud the CTA would be at night (we wear earplugs to get to sleep). The blue line is also a solid 15 minute walk away, which has limited our winter social experience more than we expected. Had we known these issues beforehand, we might have chosen to live somewhere else.

Like you, we’ve clicked through hundreds of listings and toured dozens of apartments. There has to be a better way! Our work isn't done until everyone can find a great place without so much effort (or luck).

Over the last three months, we’ve gathered thousands of detailed reviews (from people just like you) to help you pick your perfect Chicago apartment. In the days, months, and years ahead, I promise to share as many insights as our data (and my limited analytical capabilities) will allow. If you have any specific questions you’d like us to answer, please shoot us an email at info@aptamigo.com.