Fulton River District


  • Vibe - Quiet / Laid-back / Yuppie
  • Nightlife - Okay
  • Dining - Good
  • Convenience - Excellent


  • Proximity to The Loop (work) and River North (nightlife)
  • Centrally located, relatively new Jewel Osco grocery store
  • Numerous new-construction high rises


  • Limited nearby nightlife options
  • Lack of green space
  • Ambient noise from the El and Metra trains

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Fulton River District: commuter’s dream, but not a weekend destination. Multiple new-construction high rises offer excellent amenities and a short walking commute to the Loop, River North, or Ogilville Station. The streets are alive and busy in the mornings, with cars rushing off to work and people out walking their dogs. On weeknights, residents leverage their building’s gym, gather to grill with friends, grocery shop, and enjoy the local dog park. On weekends, the neighborhood quiets down as residents head to nearby West Loop, River North, and Wicker Park for more dining and nightlife options.

The constant flow of people and products in and out of Fulton River District define weekday mornings.

Various markets and wholesalers bring in freshly caught seafood and butchered meats daily.

The convenience of having a Jewel Osco in the heart of Fulton River District makes grocery shopping a breeze.

When work ends, the streets of Fulton River District are filled with commuters trying to get to the highway.

One of the best parts of waking up for some Fulton River residents is having the smell of chocolate brownies drift in from the Blommer Chocolate Company.

Due to the commercial history of Fulton River, many residents travel to nearby neighborhoods to satisfy their want for nightlife and dining.

With such a close proximity to the blue line and Kinzie Station, visiting other sides of the city is easy.

Where do Fulton River District Residents live?

  • New highrises like K2 and Alta

  • Canal St. condos and lofts

  • Smaller and more private condos and apartments. 226 N Clinton Apts

If this sounds like your kind of neighborhood, check out the best rated buildings in Fulton River District below!

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