Decorating on a Budget: 12 DIY Home Decor Projects You Can Actually Do

It’s the new year, and we all have big plans to update ourselves.

But what about plans to update our apartments? You really should hang those pictures that have been sitting in the back of your closet, or FINALLY organize that kitchen drawer you can never find the wine bottle opener in.

The only thing standing in your way are all of those bold faced liars we call pins on our Pinterest boards. The nerve they have to label themselves “DIY Home Decor”, then it turns out you need a carpentry license!

We’ve put together an entire board of do-able crafts, and picked out 12 apartment projects for DIY-ers of all levels.

Whether you’re a DIY-ing Diva...

Or you’re still new to the concept…

We have a project to update your apartment for everyone’s level!

DIY Home Decor: Let’s Get Organized!

Crafting Novice: Tired of going to reboot your router and having to unplug 7 other cords before you find the right one? Label all of your cords! Get creative and use stickers, or color code them using twist-ties or small pieces of that leftover holiday present ribbon.

Update Challenge: The inside of your cabinet door can be a great place to easily store and organize items. Grab some adhesive hooks (that are easily removable, remember that security deposit) and use them to hang smaller items like measuring cups. If you’re feeling really ambitious, buy a piece of cork board from a craft or hardware store and use push pins to easily hang and re-organize items.

DIY Expert: If you see contact paper and marbling coffee mugs as child’s play, this DIY calendar is a perfect way to help keep you organized and challenge your skills. Let’s be honest EVERYONE has made the calendar out of a picture frame and dry erase markers. Impress your friends with this modern desktop version.

From the Windooooows, to the Walls!

Crafting Novice: Now that we’ve seen this idea we’re surprised no one thought to decorate their boring, old door sooner! Use Washi tape, removable wallpaper, or if you’re allowed a little paint to add a pop of color or pattern to your unit. DIY Home Decor has never been easier, and it’s a great way to decorate on a budget!

Update Challenge: Adding curtains is an easy update for any apartment. Remember the rule of “High and Wide”. Hang the curtain rod as high up as possible, even if it’s a foot or two above the actual window. Don’t be afraid to use a curtain rod longer than your actual window as well. This trick adds length and width to your window making it seem bigger than it actually is.

DIY Home Decor Hack: Don’t own a power drill or any tools? Pick up some adhesive hooks to attach your curtain rod to the wall instead!

DIY Expert: You’ll need to break out the tool box for this DIY home decor idea. A floating bedside table is a modern, easy add to your bedroom. Pick up a floating shelf from any craft or hardware store (Decorating on a budget? We suggest a “quick” trip to Target.) Showcase your personal style by adding industrial chic grommets, decoupage comic book pages, or just lots and lots of glitter!

Green Thumbs DIY Ideas

Crafting Novice: You can probably buy something like this at Urban Outfitters for a low price of $75, or you can DIY it for way less! We’ll all be decorating on a budget, especially after the holiday season.This project could not get any easier or cheaper, all you need is a brown paper bag and a can of metallic spray paint.

Update Challenge: These ARE your mother’s plant holders. Retro macrame is making its long awaited comeback, and it’s a groovy way to pay homage to 70s decor! Prerequisite for this DIY - know how to tie knots.

DIY Expert: Let’s take the terrarium fad to a whole new level. Mini, magnetic terrariums can add some nature to your apartment, and they’re easy to move around as long as you have ample metal surfaces available. It’s a DIY home decor project that would make Mother Nature proud!

Miscellaneous Decorating on a Budget Projects

Crafting Novice: Shelves on shelves on shelves! If you’re in need of more counter, closet, or cabinet space stacking shelves is a great way to store dishes, shoes, or materials for past DIY projects! You can get creative and customize the shelves with some colorful paint or patterned contact paper.

Update Challenge: Can a girl ever really have too many catch-all trays? No! Just imagine how many Ariel had hoarded away in her secret under the sea, human-stuff cave. And think how many more she would've had if she’d seen this simple DIY home decor idea!

DIY Expert: Tool Box is required for this DIY, so drag it out of your closet or invest in one (seriously, you’ll use it). Updating your shower head is relatively easy, and can really make a difference in the level of enjoyment in your shower routine. Every shower head comes with a set of directions, and you’ll just need to know the concept behind a wrench.

Happy Crafting!