Chicago's Top 5 Dog Friendly Apartments

So your human just took a new job in Chicago, we know what you’re thinking:

Great! I’m losing my big backyard to go ruff it in the city. And if that’s not bad enough, my human and I know nothing about Chicago neighborhoods or apartments. We’ll get stuck in some cramped place with an annoying feline neighbor! Grrrrrr...

Searching for an apartment is hard enough for two-legged renters (unless you use AptAmigo!), but what about the special amenities for you? Where’s the nearest dog park for you to hang out and chase some frisbees with your pals? Can you join your human for dinner at nearby restaurants?

Not to mention laptop keyboards aren’t exactly made for paws. Research is tough!

What Makes an Apartment Building Dog Friendly?

We dove in to AptAmigo's thousands of detailed apartment reviews and found 4 traits that dogs and their owners love:

1. Dog park/walk in the building

Similar to humans having their onsite gym, you need your onsite park to stretch your legs when convenient. Having a dog-walk on the roof of your building will really end up paying for itself during those busy days between napping and barking at the vacuum.

2. Short walks to community dog parks

It’s tough making friends in a new place, you need a nearby, communal outdoor space to meet new dogs and really put yourself out there. We all hate the feeling of that long 2 mile walk to the park; who wants to be too tired to play once you get to your destination?

3. Nearby essentials (Grooming, Pet Supplies and Veterinarians).

Unfortunately the CTA hasn’t advanced yet to allow us K9s on the bus by ourselves (lame), so when grocery shopping or taking a trip to the groomers we need to be mindful of our humans’ schedule. It is imperative to live close by to your favorite pet supply store, or for those dreaded but necessary trips to the V-E-T.

4. Dog friendly patio dining options

Let’s face it; you are your human’s best wingman hands down. And you don’t mind, you enjoy the brunch scene. It would be great for everyone to live near a good selection of dining options that allow you both to sample mimosas and biscuits.

Keeping all of the above factors in mind here are the AptAmigo approved Top 5 rated dog friendly apartments in Chicago:

5. Aqua

Hot Dog in the City

Looking to live in the middle of all the hustle and bustle Chicago offers? Located in the New East Side, Aqua offers beautiful views and a quick underground walk to the CTA for those rainy or cold days.

Although Aqua does not offer an onsite dog park, Lake Shore East Park is a mere 0.4 miles away allowing you a brisk walk and all the good sniffs a dog could ask for!

When it comes to shopping not only is Aqua nestled close to the Magnificent Mile, there is also an expansive selection of pet stores and groomers available.

Pet friendly dining options in the New East Side are a bit sparse. However, there are dining options fairly close by in neighboring River North and the Loop.

4. 1611 W. Division

Collars are so mainstream

If craft beers and record stores are a few of your favorite things Wicker Park is your kind of neighborhood, and 1611 W. Division is a great apartment choice. Flaunting indoor bike storage and rooftop grills (leftovers anyone?!), this building comes in at #4 on our list.

Even though there's not an onsite spot to run and play, Wicker Park is a short 0.7 mile walk away. Not only does the park have a sectioned off portion exclusively for you and your four legged friends, come summertime, Wicker Park hosts the Chicago Park District’s Movies in the Parks. Tell your human to pack a picnic basket with wine and treats, and head over to a dusk showing of your favorite flick.

Time to pick up more organic kibble? Wicker Park has an impressive amount of pet friendly shops all within a 1 mile radius! Including an all-natural pet supply store, and the very close by Wicker Park Veterinary Clinic.

Looking for a pet friendly patio? Wicker Park boasts a plethora of dining establishments that will have both you and your human drooling. And maybe if you beg hard enough, you can score some tasty sausage from Bangers & Lace.

3. AMLI – River North

Calling all Party Animals

AMLI River North has some great amenities including a rooftop pool, a golf simulator and……a private dog park and pet wash! That’s right, AMLI has a rooftop dog park perfect for mingling with the rest of your furry-tailed renters. Add in the pet wash on top of that, you’ll only need to leave the building to refuel on food and tennis balls. In case you want to mix it up, you can take your human on a quick walk to Ohio Street Park 0.7 miles away.

The Vet….it’s a necessary evil. Instead of getting stressed on the walk over thinking about that thermometer, Chicago In Home Veterinary Care is close by to AMLI. And don’t forget to help out your species by making sure your human volunteers at the Anti-Cruelty Society.

River North’s nightlife can be electric! But unfortunately it’s a “humans only” kind of thing. You can totally attend dinner, as long as you bow out before the beer really starts flowing. Besides someone has to get a good night’s rest in order to demand a walk at 7AM!

2. K2

Yuppie Puppy

Looking for that big city excitement without the crowds? The Fulton River District is perfect for pups that want some peace and quiet, while their humans make a quick commute on the CTA to the office or that new bar in River North. And everydog who’s anydog knows that a great high rise in the Fulton River District is K2.

Why does every K9 know that K2 is the place to be? Because this luxe high rise just opened Chicago’s LARGEST dog park! Located off North Avenue, this expansive half-acre park is open to both K2 residents as well as the public. If you catch Chicago on a good weather day, you can take a “Tour de Parks” and check out Ohio Street Park and Fulton River Park an easy 0.7 miles away.

Although there isn’t a huge variety of pet stores and groomers nearby, what is available is extremely close!

When you’re up for a relaxed lunch check out some of Fulton River District’s laid back dining options. Perk of dining al fresco: that chocolatey smell that drifts through the air from The Blommer Chocolate Factory.

1. 1225 Old Town

Livin’ in a K9’s Paradise

In our #1 spot we have not only the ultimate pup friendly building, but neighborhood as well. Old Town truly welcomes dogs of all breeds with open arms. Walk down Wells street and you’ll find a full water bowl outside of every building just for you! 1225 Old Town fits into the neighborhood perfectly with an onsite dog-walk on the second floor. Near 1225 Old Town is the popular Ohio Street Park, perfect for meeting new friends outside of your posh building.

As for nearby dog essentials, there is a great selection all within a few paw-steps of your front door.

Stroll down Wells street and nearly every restaurant has a dog friendly patio. This means variety for every meal within a four-block radius of you home! As an extra bonus check out Arch Apothecary, a finishing salon that welcomes dogs with a fresh bowl of water and dog treats.

Mooshu Tip: Most Byline Bank branches are dog friendly complete with a jar of treats near the door. Checkout the Old Town Branch on Wells St. and North Ave.

Now all that’s left to do is move in and decorate!