Swipe Right: If Chicago Neighborhoods had Tinder Profiles

Wouldn't it be great if picking a Chicago neighborhood to live in was as easy as swiping right?

If we had our way, it would be that easy! Every neighborhood is inhabited by a very distinct personality type. So distinct in fact, that they really COULD have their own dating profiles.

That's exactly what we imagined at AptAmigo. We wondered, what would a Tinder profile look like for each personality type in each neighborhood?

Lincoln Park


College: University of Wisconsin Madison

6’1" because that’s important here I guess...
GO Badgers!!!!
Brief description of the things I enjoy: Thursday afternoon men’s volleyball league, architecture, hitting up the Diversey Driving Range with my bros, doing things that are memorable.

I live in a choice high-rise if you’re down to hang by the pool, just don't pay any attention to my two roommates.

Just looking for a Trixie to go bar hopping with. #workhardplayhard

West Loop


College: New York Culinary Institute of America

Just moved to Chicago. Looking to meet new and exciting people who can show me where all the rare Pokemon are at.

What you need to know: Brioche is not bread. I carry a dozen Shishito peppers in my purse at all times. I ❤️ tattoos!

No first dates outside of the West Loop, please. Stick to Aviary and Lone Wolf - City Winery and Haymarket are pushing it.

Wicker Park


College: Columbia College Chicago

My weekend routine: French pressed Andalucian coffee, obscure 1990s blue grass/funk bands, bikesbikesbikes, cultivating the perfect man-bun.

What my friends know about me: I've been to Burning Man…5 times. I avoid the “River North crowd.”

Let's sift through vinyl at Reckless Records followed by a stroll to Myopic Books.



College: Illinois State University

GO CUBS GO! ⚾️ 🐻 🍻 Meet me after the game at Sluggers, tacos at El Burrito Mexicano.
If you know Kris Bryant’s batting average, I’ll probably propose to you on the scoreboard at Wrigley!

The Loop


College: Cornell (it's in the Ivy League)

Workaholic - if you can drag me out of the office I’m a pretty good time.
Travel enthusiast - when I decide to use my vacation days.
I always make time for ice skating in Maggie Daley Park.

I’d love to grab a coffee sometime, if you’re down to get down to business.

South Loop


College: Michigan State University

Potluck protagonist
Optimist, athletic, adventurer

I both love and dread The Taste of Chicago.
I don’t respond to “hey,” you have to be 6 ft +, and have a six pack.
If you do, let’s hit the beach, and if you’re a lifeguard I don’t swim 😜

Gold Coast


College: Notre Dame (Geaux Irish!)

My perfect first date: Rides on LSD in my Tesla to Belmont Harbor for a day on my yacht.

On a typical Saturday, you can find me hanging out in the Viagra Triangle.

Looking for someone to spend the weekend with in the Bahamas.

Money is of no object, so get ready for mediocre, overpriced meals!

Life motto: Tailored suit, champagne flute, golden parachute😉



College: Purdue University

Patios, running by the lake, Trader Todd’s date, or a movie at the Vic.
Looking for something more serious than what this app is intended for.
Let’s snuggle! Hot Chocolate! Puppies! Anything fuzzy, and I’ll be there 😊

Old Town


College: University of Iowa

My typical weekend: SoulCycle, girl’s night at Benchmark, brunch mimosas!🍹

I 💗 my teacup Pomtese Coco 🐶 so be ready to play second fiddle.

My guilty pleasure: shopping at upscale second-hand shops. Because I like Dior but we need to be ecologically responsible! #thestruggleisreal👛 👠 👗

I like to laugh - first date at Second City?



College: Northwestern Med

My interests include talking about med school, regretting med school, and drinking to forget student loans. But I have a puppy!

I'm the guy at Chipotle asking you to swipe my loyalty card.

On weekends: You can find me at Timothy O’Toole’s.

Pet peeve: When lost tourists get upset that I don’t know exactly which Embassy Suites they’re staying at.

Logan Square


College: n/a

Trying to put all my energy into positive change in the world rather than any kind of monetary pursuit. In my free time, I love journaling and hiking.

We’ll travel the world on a sailboat helping needy children and elephants on the way!

who wants to buy me records? Seriously they aren’t cheap.



College: Paul Mitchell Hair School

Netherlands--->London--->Chicago❤️ !!!
Roscoe’s gives me life 🙌🏻 🍸💃🏽
Mimosas on Saturday, and Sunday, every day?
Yes I have a countdown to the Pride Parade!
I like my cigarettes like I like my butts - hot!

River North


College: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Let’s get one thing straight, I’m a stud. I was born a stud. I was a baby stud.
My favorite color is tequila, let’s hit up Studio Paris or Vertigo.
I sleep 4 hours a night because the world needs savages like myself. #likeaboss
I watch Game of Thrones because I don’t have time to actually look for a unique and meaningful show, plus I dig the chick scenes.
Dislikes: Budget clothes, times, and individuals.