• Vibe - LGBT Friendly / Yuppie
  • Nightlife - Excellent
  • Dining - Excellent
  • Convenience - Good


  • Proximity to the Lake Michigan (views) and Lake Shore Drive (commute)
  • Very accepting and welcoming community
  • Access to some of the best nightlife in the city


  • Proximity to Wrigley Field and the epicenter of the Pride Parade cause congestion problems for residents
  • Limited parking

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Boystown is a vibrant, LGBT-friendly neighborhood nestled within the larger neighborhood of Lakeview. Rainbow flags wave proudly along North Broadway, highlighting the numerous bars, restaurants, and shops that Boystown residents enjoy. The neighborhood is a nightlife hub, with some of the city's iconic clubs (such as Hydrate and Berlin) calling the neighborhood home, while the Pride parade that winds through Boystown's streets every June is a must attend event for thousands of Chicago residents.

Rainbow is the official color of Boystown and it flies everywhere.

North Broadway is the main drag of Boystown and is the center of nightlife and dining.

Circuit is one of the many gay clubs in Boystown and is as fabulous during the day as it is at night.

Hydrate is another club in Boystown that is famed for its dance parties that go on until sunrise.

Every June the whole city converges on Boystown to witness the celebration of what makes Boystown unique.

Sidetrack is another popular destination for those looking to drink and have a good time.

Due to its small size, shopping is limited but Hollywood Mirror continues the Boystown mantra by selling kitschy gifts and clothes.

Most dining options in Boystown are bars but Wood on Halsted serves up seasonal cocktails and Michelin awarded cuisine.

Being located in Lakeview, Boystown takes on the same housing options with many townhouses and single family homes.

However there are still some high rise options like Halsted Flats that bring more of the city feel to Boystown.

If this sounds like your kind of neighborhood, check out the best rated buildings in Boystown below!

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