Almost Famous: If Chicago icons had regular jobs

When you think "Chicago," a few celebrities instantly come to mind in relation to this gorgeous metropolis. Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan and Barrack Obama are the usuals. Whether Chicago was the place these icons were just getting their feet wet, or it was where their career took off we wondered what "real people" jobs they would have had here before they became big names.

We have a few educated guesses.

Listed below are some of the Windy City's most prominent figures, along with their pretend, pre­famed job titles. Some still call Chicago home, some have fled the nest, and some currently reside on the outskirts.

Vince Vaughn

Architectural Boat Tour Guide

Known for being the life of River North's Hubbard street after­parties and the go ­to person to attend street festivals with, Vince would have made the perfect candidate for the infamous Architectural Boat Tour given his sarcastic, yet hilarious nature.

Everyone in line for the ride would be crossing their fingers in hopes of having this 6'5 " entertainer as their on -the-­river narrator. After a long day on the boat, Halligan's was most likely his bar of choice.

Melissa McCarthy

Stand­up comedian at The Laugh Factory

Her speciality would have been making fun of stuffy, suite & tie guys who rarely left The Loop in fear of running into someone with a sense of humor. She was the girl you could count on for late nights in Wrigleyville, some classic Proclaimers karaoke at Trader Todd's, followed by $30 worth of fried food from Cheesies.

Kanye West Kanye

Navy Pier worker by day, artist by night

During daylight Kanye could be found selling programs at Navy Pier in Streeterville to help fund his newest fashion line of gender neutral, many shades of beige body suits and vests.

UPDATE: Kanye was fired from the Navy Pier corp upon refusing to sell programs to a group of tourists wearing Taylor Swift T­-shirts.

Jennifer Hudson

Pastry chef and food truck owner Jennifer Hudson (J­Hud) ran a delicious doughnut food truck in The Loop during lunch hours. For customers that gave her a large tip, she performed a minute ­long serenade for them, equipped with daytime appropriate dance moves.

Giuliana Rancic

Cosmetic salesperson at Macy's Water Tower

Giuliana's glowing skin is enough to sell any beauty product, but it was her captivating personality that promoted her to manager at the Chanel makeup counter.

Hugh Hefner

Club owner at Cuvee

He definitely tried advocating this sexy spot for a brothel in addition to being a hot nightclub. This would be the only venue in the city open until 6 am to give party-
goers an extra hour of champagne popping and dirty dancing. On industry nights, Hef would be hitting all of the Viagra Triangle bars, giving the regulars a run for their money.