7 Haunted Chicago Apartments Only a Ghost Could Love

At AptAmigo we want to use reviews to help everyone find their perfect Chicago apartment - millennials, dogs and even those who’ve passed on to the other side. This Halloween we're sharing an exclusive sneak peak at a few of our spooktacular listings only ghosts, ghouls, and goblins could love. We even figured out why Derrick Rose has been cursed along the way.

1) Site of Fort Dearborn

An open space with plenty of unnatural life - perfect for outdoorsy souls.

In 1812 retreating Americans fled Fort Dearborn as the British advanced, but were attacked during their retreat by Potawatomi Indians. 148 people were slain in one of the bloodiest battles in Chicago's early history.

What ghouls love: The extremely open floor plan, easy haunting access to tourists.

What ghouls love less: A lot of traffic overflowing from the Magnificent mile, making an eternal rest nearly impossible without earplugs.

2) Eastland River

Unobstructed river views with excellent water pressure. Close proximity to haunted wrecks.
Established July 24th, 1915 the Eastland River is home to 844 passengers and crew that were killed in the largest loss of life from a single shipwreck on the Great Lakes. The SS Eastland capsized right before its journey to Michigan City, Indiana carrying Western Electric Co. workers and civilians set for a cruise.

What ghouls love: Picturesque views of Chicago architecture, allowing mortals to catch a glimpse of them wandering near the river.

What ghouls love less: No control over decor around St. Patrick’s Day when Chicago dyes the river the most ghastly shade of green; no pets allowed.

3) Water Tower

Highlighted with beautiful unnatural light and a dash of heroism. Excellent in-unit temperature control.

Built in 1869 but not inhabited until the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. The first resident was a brave soul who stayed behind during the fire to man the pumps. He then hung himself before the flames could reach him.

What ghouls love: Alarming tourists with the sight of the hanged man in the tower window (they even called over a policeman once who also saw the figure), lots of great restaurants!

BONUS! – the tower is located in Streeterville said to be cursed by Captain Streeter when the land was taken away from him.

What ghouls love less: Too many tourists, and security could improve. Sometimes tourists even come into the Water Tower!!

4) The Tonic Room

"A dark place to come home to in a great neighborhood to haunt with kids"

The Tonic Room opened as a pagan temple in Lincoln Park in the 1960s and its owner happened to be a male witch who dabbled in occult paraphernalia. The basement floor boasted a lovely drawing of a pentagram that a foolish mortal tenant removed. Soon after, a bouncer was found paralyzed exactly where the painting had been.

What ghouls love: The lovely pentagram drawing in the unit (we still know it’s there), great nightlife.

What ghouls love less: Mortal partier neighbors can be annoying, and have been caught removing occult paraphernalia at all hours of the night.

5) Death Alley

Large locked doors give way to a beautiful, dimly lit alley

Located behind the famous Chicago Oriental Theater, Death Alley is a dim, cold location perfect for ghouls who love to socialize. 602 "current tenants" died in this exact spot when the Iroquois Theatre burned down in 1903. Faulty wiring ignited the building during a show and its patrons died from flames, asphyxiation, and trampling. Locked emergency exits and rampant safety violations made this one of the worst disasters in Chicago's history.

What ghouls love: Chasing away mortals with cold spots, faint cries, and an icy touch.

What ghouls love less: Too many tourists! And if we have to hear a show tune one more time!!!

6) Chicago Historical Society (Excalibur Night Club)

"Derrick Rose met his wife here and has been injured ever since. Clearly haunted."

This beautiful Gothic building was used as a makeshift morgue during the Eastland River Disaster. Some spirits brought here from the river loved the space so much they never left! However, they were not the first tenants. The site also held a building that was destroyed during the Great Chicago Fire. Several women were said to have perished in the flames including The Lady in Red ghost.

What ghouls love: Breaking glasses and setting off alarms to scare mortals who work in the club.

What ghouls love less: When mortals host séances in the building to try and talk to us. If we wanted to talk to you, trust us you would know!

7) Jane Addams Hull-House

A comfy space where demons are born, not made.
It is rumored among mortals that in 1913 a hoofed baby with reptilian skin and horns was born in the house after the father welcomed a curse from the devil. This location is truly a ghoul’s nightmare! The baby was then locked in the attic after numerous failed attempts to baptize him.

What ghouls love: Star-struck, getting to live where a demon was born, it’s so rare.

What ghouls love less: When Jane Adams repurposed the space as a settlement house, she redecorated and it is horrendous

Any ghosts, goblins, ghouls, and spirits interested in renting at one of Chicago’s terrifying locations, check out AptAmigo. We have more Chicago apartment reviews than any other ghost out there!

As for our mortal customers, feel free to tour these listings yourself, ...if you’re brave enough….