1225 Old Town: What's Nearby?

In this article, we’ll explore the neighborhood surrounding 1225 Old Town, mapping out what will be most important to you whether you're a food fanatic or a dedicated pet parent. For more information, check out one of our additional guides below. You can also see resident reviews here.

"1225 Old Town Review"

“1225 Old Town, A Closer Look”

“Why Should I Call 1225 Old Town Home?”

1225 Old Town is located on Wells street in historical Old Town. This neighborhood is perfect for everyone from bar hoppers to history buffs. Casually strolling through the neighborhood you can admire Victorian era architecture, and stop for a quick bite and a drink at nearly every corner. Between the beautiful buildings and delicious restaurants think how strong your Instagram game would be!

There is never a shortage of activities and events in Old Town. You are a short walk or bus ride away from spending your whole day playing volleyball at Division Street beach. You can end each evening with a show at the legendary Second City Theatre responsible for giving us actor/comedians like Chris Farley, Dan Aykroyd, and Tina Fey. And we can't leave out the Old Town Art Fair held every June for connoisseurs and novices alike!

Love the Old Town neighborhood feel, but want more options? Nearby apartment buildings include Cobbler Square Lofts and Eugenie Terrace.

The Essentials

When it comes to the essentials: grocery stores, banks, coffee shops, 1225 Old Town is as all about convenience. Within a 1 minute walk you have access to Plum Market, PNC Bank, Starbucks, and Intelligentsia! While all of your friends are trudging through the snow and wind in the winter months you can enjoy a quick few steps to grab your groceries and an espresso to keep you warm. For the warmer months, when you'll enjoy your walk, there is a Treasure Island nearby.

This building is also surrounded by a plethora of bank branches including Chase, Byline Bank, and Bank of America. For your regular convenience store buys, head to the nearby 7-Eleven a quick 4 minute walk away.

The Foodie

The running theme with 1225 Old Town is convenience and not only are there great restaurants close by. There are so many options hat you could eat out at a new place every evening! Within a 1 minute walk you can enjoy some pizza from Happy Campers, or dine al fresco at Salpicon. Old Town doesn't skimp on the bar selection either. Patio hop from Glunz, to Old Town Pour House, to Benchmark, and more! Feel free to organize a bar crawl because 1225 Old Town residents made the cut for AptAmigo's Top 5 List of friendliest building residents! We can feel the camaraderie already!

As or fast food options, I hope you like pizza! Most of the restaurants nearby deliver, but if you need some nourishment STAT you can decide between Sarpino's or Domino's.

The Pet Parent

If you frequently excuse yourself from a night out with your friends because "you haven't seen your dog all day and you're pretty sure he misses you," you might be a pet parent. If that's the case this apartment search isn't just about you, it's also about your pet's needs.

Luckily for the 4-legged 1225 Old Town residents, their building made AptAmigo's list of Top 5 Dog Friendly Buildings in 2015! Complete with a dog-run on the 9th floor, 1225 Old Town is a dog owner's dream!

Did you run out of dog treats just as your pup learned a new trick? Take a quick walk over to Pet Stuff to restock, or journey down to Arrfscarf for some homemade dog-approved ice cream and macaroons! Did your pup have a little too much sand-filled fun at the dog beach this weekend? April at the Ritz grooming is 7 minutes away. Or, really treat your dog with a full day of fun at SIT Social.

If your dog likes to eat everything that isn't meant to be edible (you've lost so many socks), the Near North Animal Hospital is 1 minute away in case of tummy-troubles. And with Gold Coast Animal Hospital a mere 2 minutes away your dog's health will never have to wait.

For more in-depth reviews that check the box for everything from shower pressure to neighborhood vibe, check out AptAmigo.com!